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Mary Lou Lillie

I was made to feel very comfortable giving my personal and medical information . Was treated very respectful and I  put all my trust in them to help me receive my disability . Their honesty and being very upfront with me how it works and what my chances would be was  greatly appreciate to know that going into applying and the appeal. I cannot thank them enough! At My hearing I was very confident that he personally knew my case and was well repaired for it.

Diane Kuemmerling

I had Jay Bolotin as my lawyer for an automobile accident in May 2017 when my car was totaled and I had back and neck injuries. I did not call an attorney until 3 months after my accident. I never realized the extent of my injuries at first. I started getting medical bills turned over to collection agencies and went into panic mode. When I called and spoke with Jay he said not to worry he would take my case from there. He was so heartfelt caring on the phone that I felt a huge weight of relief lifted from me. He was very caring and kept me informed about the progress of my case throughout until the very end. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone!

Ronald Olverson Jr

Excellent group of Attorneys and staff, they were a tremendous help to my family and I.

Chris Courtney

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jay Bolotin. And although the circumstances leading up to me calling Young, Reverman & Mazzei was one of the worst I have delt with, Jay instantly made a difference. I do not only give Young, Reverman & Mazzei five stars, I also want to thank them for a fast, easy and fair settlement. Jay Bolotin was understanding of my problems and always kept me informed of my case details. I hope I never need to but if I ever need legal council again, my first and only call will be to Young, Reverman & Mazzei. Thank you Jay Bolotin!

Kendra Rose

I work with this office on a daily basis. Always prompt on returning emails and phone calls.  We enjoy doing business with this firm.Highly recommended.

Thomas Mason

Jay bolton really took care of me and cared about my case and time. Great attorney very professional gets the job done !

Mark Faust

I've used the firm several times over the years. Robert Karl in particular is fearless and indefatigable. I trust this firm, and they have consistently delivered results. I'd put them up against the largest firms in the city and the cities which many often have to fight.

Jackie Malott

Mr bolotin of young rivermen and mazzi was  great.he took my case lead me though the workmens comp court system .he is very knowlegable in his profestion. I hadn't had the need to have a lawyer for such a case before he got me a great settlement and went the extra mile to advise me on everything pertaining to my situation .had I not had him to defend me I know I would have been lost on what to do .I have no dought I would have lost my case. he kept me up to date on every portion of my case he explained every thing to me as we went. he made me feel like I had a friend in my corner to fight for me. the court system can be a very scary place with mr bolotin he took control and set my mind at ease. he got me the settlement I deserved and I would recomend him and his firm to anyone for there court needs they were great. thank you so much for being there for me.

Stephanie Bevis

Steve Mazzei is wonderful. Anytime I had questions he got back to me as quick as He could. He understood that apply for Disability was stressful enough, that I didn't need to be stressed about information that I needed. I would recommend him for filing for Disability.

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