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We are still open for business, available for video conferences to keep you and the staff safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Evidence to Support Your Personal Injury Claim

If you suffer an injury due to another’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages, as well as relieve some of the stress you feel so you can focus on your recovery. But there are steps you can take to support your claim.

It’s important to begin gathering information related to your injuries and the incident that caused them as soon as possible. Following are some basic evidence elements that may be used to reinforce your personal injury case.

Photos and/or Video

Take pictures and/or video of your injuries as soon as possible following the incident and throughout the recovery process.

If possible, take photos and/or video of the incident scene. You should also photograph or film any corresponding damage, such as to your vehicle, home or other personal property.

Witness Contact Details

Try to gather the names and contact information for any witnesses who saw the incident that caused your injuries.

Depending on the circumstances of the incident and the law enforcement response, some witnesses may have provided statements to police. Any witness and police reports that support your version of the incident can be beneficial to your claim, especially if other parties dispute liability.

Law Enforcement Reports

If law enforcement was called to the scene of the accident or other incident that caused your injury, there will be corresponding documentation available.

In some cases, you may be provided a copy of the law enforcement report. In others, you or your personal injury attorney may need to request the report from the responding police department.

Medical Records

Keep all medical documentation related to your injuries.

This includes insurance paperwork, physicians’ reports, test results and X-rays, prescriptions, etc. Save receipts for any related expenses.

Lost Wages

If your injuries prevent you from temporarily or permanently returning to work, you may be able to seek compensation for lost earnings.

Keep your pay stubs or other documentation to track your lost wages while out of work. You may also ask for a letter from your employer that states your pay rate and time missed.

Your Personal Experiences

After the injury incident, and through your recovery, maintain a journal or diary.

Detail the events that led to your injury, as well as how you feel physically and mentally since the injury. Note any relevant medical appointments and recovery milestones or setbacks.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

The Cincinnati personal injury attorneys at Young, Reverman & Mazzei know that gathering evidence while receiving medical care for your injuries can be overwhelming. That’s why our experienced lawyers are here to guide you through this challenging process and seek the financial security you need.

If you were hurt due to another’s negligence, please call us today at 800-721-1678 or contact us online. We offer free consultations to help you understand your options, and we don’t charge for our services unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Our attorneys are proud to serve clients from the greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, areas as well as individuals in cities along the Interstate 75 and Interstate 71 corridors in Kentucky and Indiana, including Lexington, Louisville, Florence, Monroe, Middletown and Wilmington. For a complete list of our office locations and communities served, please see our Directions page.

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