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What is it Like to be in a High-Speed Motorcycle Accident?

March 17, 2020

You're cruising along at a high but relatively safe speed of about 65 mph when the vehicle to your left suddenly moves into your lane. Freeway accidents and other areas that encourage higher speeds make it impossible for riders to experience safety without a bit of hesitation. The entire point of having a motorcycle is to have the freedom of the road. But, what happens usually is that riders can't even enjoy their time on the freeway or highways because they're looking out for standard vehicles. Standard vehicle drivers notoriously fail to identify motorcyclists, and they often lead to very serious accidents. Unfortunately, a high-speed motorcycle accident may result in the rider having the chance to recover, many end in fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle wreck, contact our experienced motorcycle injury attorneys in Cincinnati today.

You Probably Won't Stay on Your Bike

Because there's nothing but your thighs and handlebars keeping you on your bike, it's likely that you'll leave your bike pretty quickly. There's absolutely nothing that you can do, and although you'll probably collide with another object or car, it is often a good thing that you're not going through the same trauma as your bike.

When you leave your bike, there's a terrifying sensation of flying, knowing that there's impending doom just on the other side. Often the sensation doesn’t last for long as you’ll hit the pavement, an object, or a vehicle rather quickly.

It’s Likely That the Rider Will Impact a Stationary Object or Another Vehicle

About 20% of all motorcycle accidents involve the vehicle leaving the roadway and hitting a fixed object. Nearly half of the deaths involved in motorcycle accidents involve a fixed object and the rider hitting that object. There’s nothing more than you can do, although protective equipment can help ease the impact and reduce injuries.

Road Rash Extremes and Realities

Road rash is a huge issue for motorcyclists, and at high speeds, it can exceed what you would normally expect. Road rash happens when you impact concrete, pavement, or asphalt at high speeds and continue to move afterward. A scraped knee is the lightest version of this impact, usually called a friction burn or abrasion.

When you’re looking at cute versions of scraped knees, you might refer to it as a raspberry, but motorcycle accidents surely aren’t cute. At high-speeds, a motorcycle crash resulting in road rash can leave bones visible, cover entire patches of the body, resulting in pus, and having debris embedded into muscle.

Probable Injuries

You should expect to experience broken bones, internal bleeding, dislocated joints, extreme road rash, possible burns, and even traumatic brain injury. It’s clear that any high-speed motorcycle accident will lead to severe injuries.

The injuries that you face will continue to prove your body’s ability to survive. Although the injuries are severe, and you would go through the long-term process of rehabilitation and healing. Rehabilitation and healing can take months and will often involve working with various rehab therapists and possibly even vocational therapists.

Don't Expect Repairs for Your Bike

High-speed crashes often crumple vehicles and even trucks. But when you're looking at a motorcycle wreck, it should be pretty clear right away that your bike can't come back from this. It's critical that you have a full valuation of your bike beforehand. Repairs aren’t a priority for the insurance companies, and often it's not the top priority for the rider either.

Many people find themselves unable or hesitant to get back on a bike after their wreck. When it comes to getting back on a bike afterward, you may opt for a safer or less accident-likely bike. For example, most bike accidents involve sports bikes, and after a wreck, you may find yourself more inclined to ride a cruiser.

Either way, you'll be shopping for a new bike or vehicle after your crash. You should go through the process of fighting for the top valuation on your bike during a claim or lawsuit.

Contact a Cincinnati Injury Attorney for Help With a High-Speed Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists need a special sort of attorney because they’re often painted as the aggressor or bad driver rather than the victim. But, statistics show that most motorcycle wrecks, especially those happening at high-speeds, are the fault of the standard vehicle driver, not the rider. What can you do to fight for everything that you need to recover from extensive injuries and substantial property damage?

Young, Reverman & Mazzei provide access to legal help that riders need. Our motorcycle injury law firm in Cincinnati understands the nuances that motorcyclists face when riding and can help them prepare for a claim or case.

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