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Single-Vehicle Accident in Summit County Kills One

One person died following a single-vehicle accident in Summit County. The accident happened around noon on Wednesday, July 28th. The cause of the accident is unknown at the time of this report.

The accident in Summit County happened in the southbound lane of Route 8 near Brandywine Creek at about 12 p.m. A news report disclosed the victim’s car traveled off the roadway on the left side, hitting a barrier. The Macedonia Police Department said the vehicle traveled through the median and landed in Brandywine Creek, ejecting the 22-year-old occupant.

Medical personnel with the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office pronounced the victim dead at 12:38 p.m. The ME’s office said they’ll release the driver’s name after notifying the next of kin. There is no additional information on the occurrence.

Single-vehicle collisions are one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents. Several factors contribute to crashes of this nature. They include distracted driving, speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, animal sightings, adverse weather conditions, or mechanical defects.

The surviving victims would pay for their injuries and car repair from their auto insurance policy in single-vehicle crashes. This is because there is no fault party other than the driver of the vehicle. However, there are instances when they can sue a third party for the accident injuries.

One of such instances is when the accident happened due to a mechanical error or a defective vehicle part. Here, the victim can bring a personal injury claim against the vehicle or spare parts manufacturer, depending on the facts. If their claim succeeds, they will be eligible to get economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages from the manufacturer if the evidence supports it.

Find out more about third-party liabilities in auto accidents from our Ohio auto accident attorneys.

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