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We are still open for business, available for video conferences to keep you and the staff safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cincinnati Fire Results In Child Burn Injuries

In the early evening of July 29th, 2020, Hamilton fire officials responded to a fire an apartment building on 21 Hurm Street. Fire officials were on the scene quickly as the apartment complex was directly across the street from the local fire station. Hamilton Police Department and the fire department were on scene and immediately reported that there was a child burned and injured. The child was rushed to Fort Hamilton Hospital with burns that were both widespread and serious.

Fire Crews have stated that the fire began in a back bedroom of a second-floor apartment, and the blaze was mostly contained to that room. All residents evacuated the building quickly, and the child was the only one injured during the fire. Most residents were permitted to re-enter their Apartments after the fire was under control and extinguished. Two of the units were fit for the residents.

The first unit that residents were not permitted to re-enter was the one where the fire originated. Due to fire and some smoke damage, the residents cannot return to the residence at this time. The second unit that residents cannot re-enter is the apartment directly below where the fire originated. When fire crews rushed in to extinguish the flames, the apartment below had experienced a significant amount of water damage. The residents reported is that when they went back in to retrieve some of their belongings, they saw that the ceiling directly below where the fire had started had caved downward towards them. Residential fires are often responsible for substantial amounts of property damage, as well as significant injuries.

Bait Hamilton fire department is still investigating exactly how the fire started. Medics on the scene were responsible for rushing the child to the hospital, and reported that the burns were "all over." Medics have not offered updates or insight into the medical state of the child. Contact our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys today.

Source: https://www.wlwt.com/article/child-injured-after-fire-breaks-out-in-hamilton-apartment-building-fire-officials-say/33463674

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