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Auto-Motorcycle Collision in Union County Kills One

An auto-motorcycle collision in Union County killed one person and injured a child passenger after they were ejected from the bike. The accident occurred on Wednesday evening, August 11th. The Union County Sheriff’s Office has not revealed what led to the collision at this time.

A news report revealed that just after 4 p.m., sheriff deputies responded at the 2200 block of Buck Run Road, south of State Route 245 in Allen Township. They discovered that a Harley Davidson motorcycle operated by 45-year-old Clinton A. Rice collided with a Dodge Ram truck entering a driveway. The deputies said the collision in Union County threw the motorcyclist and his passenger off the bike.

The two wore helmets when the crash occurred, and medics transported them to Memorial Hospital for treatment. Rice, a Milford Center resident, died while the doctors transferred the child to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for more treatment. The sheriff’s office said the Dodge Ram’s driver was uninjured.

The investigators do not suspect that alcohol or drugs contributed to the occurrence. However, the investigation is ongoing, and there’s no additional information.

Auto-motorcycle accidents often end with severe or fatal injuries for the motorcycle rider. This is because the motorcyclist has no protection when their body lands on the ground. Even if motorcyclists wear a helmet and protective apparel, they might still suffer catastrophic injuries or death.

A motorcycle rider who survives this accident could file a compensation claim for damages if they did not cause the collision. If the rider dies, their legal beneficiaries can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Again, the motorcycle rider must not be the fault party.

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