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We are still open for business, available for video conferences to keep you and the staff safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fatal Accidents on 275-W

Between Kentucky-8 and US-5 along Interstate-275, two adults died as a result of a four-vehicle accident on July 6th. Boone County emergency responders were on the scene early Monday morning; however, it appears that one crash led to another, which led to another.

The crash took place at a particularly problematic stretch of road right near the Carol Crawford bridge. The crash was visible as you came over the bridge or neared the exit of the bridge. Emergency responders shut down Interstate 275 at the exit prior and diverted all westbound traffic off of the Interstate.

The Sheriff's Office was first called out near 8:30 AM for a Camaro involved in a single-car accident. As they responded to that single-vehicle accident report, there were several more collisions that took place in the same area. It is unclear if the Camaro's initial accident caused distracted driving or rubbernecking or if the accidents happened as a result of trying to avoid the Camaro. The following collisions involved a Jeep Wrangler, an F-150, and a Chevy trailblazer.

The driver of the Camaro and the driver of the Wrangler were both declared dead at the crash scene. These victims were identified as Anna Kincart from Petersburg, Kentucky, and Brandon Hicks from Norwood. Anna was 36, and Brandon was 24. Boone County Sheriff's Office did not delay the identification of the victims or release of third names. It seems that these two adults were the only fatality victims of the crash.

The driver of the Chevy Trailblazer was taken to a local hospital for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Since July 6th, there's been no update on the health of the Chevy driver. The driver of the F-150 was cleared at the scene as uninjured. The crash kept westbound lanes of Interstate 275 closed for about 3 hours as police conducted their investigation. If you're involved in a wreck, contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys today.

Source: https://www.fox19.com/2020/07/06/double-fatal-crash-closes-wb-between-ky-us-/

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