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Justice Months Later?

January of 2020, it seems almost like it is lifetimes away, but now your family has the chance for Justice from a crash that happened back in January. A downtown Cincinnati crash, which resulted in one fatality and six injuries, has finally led to the indictment of two people.

The first indicted, Brandon Jackson, now faces eight charges.  Those charges include two counts for vehicular homicide, three additional counts for aggravated vehicular assault, and three more accounts for standard vehicular assault. Jackson was 23 at the time while driving on Central Parkway. The crash happened on January 19th when Jackson's failure to acknowledge a red light—blowing that red light resulted in Jackson heading a Lexus, which was driving north along Vine Street.

Jazzmine Kendall, who was 24 at the time, was driving that Lexus. Kendall and her passenger, Demaria Wood, were ejected from the vehicle. Wood died as a result of the crash. Another passenger in the Lexus experienced minor injuries. Both Kendall and the second passenger in her vehicle have struggled throughout the year to recover from their injuries. Kendall has even spoken out recently, noting that it's exceptionally difficult to recover without her best friend.

In Jackson's vehicle, he and the three passengers were injured. The second indictment is a bit of a surprise. Kendall now faces charges, including two counts of aggravated possession and an additional count of possession of cocaine.

The charges were officially announced in mid-august, and there has been some confusion and response to the charges. Although Jackson is clearly facing the heftier charges for his contribution to the crash and the fatality as well as the injuries, Kendall will continue to face charges in association with possession. Initially, Cincinnati Police believed that Jackson was driving impaired, although it appears through the charges that that may not have been the case. If you're involved in a wreck, contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys right away.

Source: https://www.wlwt.com/article/driver-indicted-in-connection-to-downtown-cincinnati-crash-that-killed-1-injured-6/33603414

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