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Medical Emergency Responsible for Major Crash

On September 12th in the early morning hours I-275 experienced a 5-vehicle crash which led to complete Interstate shut down.The crash happened at about 9:30 in the morning right around the mile marker for Loveland-Madeira Road. After a cursory investigation, police have acknowledged the cause of the crash as a medical emergency. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department stated that the man traveling eastbound along I-275 had a seizure behind the wheel.

The Driver, 51-year-old Rodney Schwartz, drove the 2007 Ford Explorer through oncoming traffic. The driver entered the westbound Lanes on I-275 and hit four vehicles. Those hit in the crashes include Yvonne Brown (58-years-old), Tenaha Dickerson (30-years-old), Tylie Kleweno, and Anne Moloney (58-years-old).

The Loveland Symmes Fire Department that was first on scene. They pulled Tylie Kleweno out of the 2011 Chevy Impala and got Kleweno directly to Bethesda North Hospital. Officials reported that Kleweno had serious injuries. Reports show that all of the other drivers were taken to local hospitals and only experienced minor injuries.

Local officials acknowledged that everyone involved was wearing their safety belts, except for Schwartz. They have completely ruled out both speed and impairment as factors in the crash. They strongly believe that it was the medical emergency behind-the-wheel that led to the multiple accidents.

Seizures from epilepsy and various other conditions which result in seizures do contribute to serious traffic accidents. However, many licensed drivers have epilepsy or other conditions and go years without episodes. In a recent study, researchers found that about 70% of crashes that were caused because of seizures involve drivers who were deemed fit to drive. The majority of these accidents tend to be single-vehicle crashes, this crash is not the common situation of a medical emergency leading to an accident. If you're involved in a wreck, contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys right away.

Source: https://www.wlwt.com/article/traffic-alert-5-vehicle-crash-on-i-275-west-causes-major-delays/33999796%23

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