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NB I-75 Crash and Shooting: Prosecutor Determined Shooting Was Justified

On October 9th at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon, police in Fort Wright received an emergency call about a two-vehicle crash and shooting. They received many subsequent calls updating them on the situation and that those nearby suspected it was a road rage incident. When emergency responders came onto the scene, they found that one person was shot and there was clearly a two vehicle collision.

Emergency Medical Aid began working on the shot person at the scene, but eventually they took John Abell over to the University of Cincinnati’s Medical Center. Upon arrival at UCMC, the person was pronounced dead. Witnesses from the scene are cooperating with police as they conducted their investigation. Fort Wright police were on scene immediately and began taking statements.

So far it's been made clear that the traffic incident happened where the Kyles Lane ramp meets Interstate 75 traveling Northbound and it's occurred on the interstate, not on the ramp. 

From the Fort Wright police investigation, the Kenton County prosecuting attorney, Rob Sanders, determined that the shooting was justified. The office of Kenton County Commonwealth is not pursuing charges. 

Joshua Taylor from Cincinnati contacted 911 to report he was involved in a crash that was clearly road rage. On that call it is apparent that there is a verbal confrontation between the two men and then gunshots are Audible. Taylor reported to the 911 dispatch that he had fired shots and struck the other person. Taylor immediately began administering first-aid while waiting for First Responders. Police reports show that there was more than one gun at the scene. In addition to multiple guns at the scene, there were empty liquor bottles inside of Abell’s SUV.  As part of standard investigation, there will be an autopsy and toxicology reports, but those are pending. 

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Source: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/10/12/coroner-identifies-man-killed-fort-wright-75-shooting/5967658002/

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