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Three Injured Following a Traffic Accident in Springfield Township

A traffic accident in Springfield Township left three people injured. The two-vehicle collision happened on Wednesday night, September 29th. A news report disclosed that the crash involved a sheriff’s deputy but did not immediately state the cause.

The report further stated that the traffic accident in Springfield Township happened at about 7 p.m., where Airport Highway intersects with McCord Road. The Ohio State Highway Patrol disclosed that a white Buick traveled westbound on Airport Road. Simultaneously, a sheriff’s deputy’s black SUV was northbound on McCord Road, with lights and sirens on.

The two vehicles then collided in the intersection, and the impact sent one of the Buick’s tires flying. The dislodged tire struck a van in the turning lane, waiting to head northbound on McCord Road. No one in the van sustained injuries.

However, two occupants of the Buick sustained non-life-threatening injuries and received treatment in a hospital. The deputy suffered minor injuries. The accident led to the closure of the westbound Airport Highway, and drivers heading south on McCord had to turn west on Airport.

There is currently no information on what led to the accident. The investigation remains active.

Motor vehicle accidents remain one of the leading causes of non-natural deaths in the United States and Ohio. One common place where accidents happen is at intersections. Crashes at intersections occur due to drivers and other road users disobeying traffic rules and regulations.

One such rule is stopping for a driver with the right of way. The person who deviates from the traffic rules is usually the fault party. As such, the victim can sue them for compensation.

Requesting compensation is easier when you work with one of our experienced Ohio car accident lawyers. So, contact us at Young, Reverman, and Mazzei for a free case review.

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