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Wrong-way Driver Puts Man in Critical Condition

On May 19th, a wrong-way driver in a 2007 Dodge Nitro entered Interstate-71. She entered the Interstate between MLK drive and Lytle Tunnel, immediately causing a wreck in the fast lane as she darted from “exit ramp” to the furthest lane over narrowly missing two other vehicles. The exit ramp used was the Reading Road exit.

The hit vehicle was a 2017 Chevy Malibu containing Tyson Guy, a 23-year-old local resident. The crash erupted into a blaze, leaving Guy with serious injuries.

The driver, Sabina McKinney, was also taken to the University of Cincinnati’s Medical center. McKinney’s vehicle had flipped, and EMS and Cincy Fire noted that they arrived just in time, had they been seconds later neither would have survived. McKinney’s vehicle had rolled partially off the roadway, but the Chevy Malibu was in a mangled state.

McKinney also experienced extensive injures but arrived at Medical Center in stable condition. Guy experienced severe injuries as well and is in critical condition.

As this investigation is unfolding, more information may become available. It’s unclear what this investigation will uncover. Police are not issuing statements at this time related to what they believed could be involved factors. They acknowledge that, like other crashes, there’s no immediate identifier to indicate impairment.

At this time, police don’t know if she was wearing a seatbelt, if the crash was intentional, or if impairment was involved. Police are urging anyone with information about the crash to contact the Department’s Traffic Unit. McKinney is not yet facing charges given the ongoing investigation into the crash. However, it’s clear that her entering the roadway from the wrong direction will likely play a substantial role in possible charges and clearing up this crash for a victim resolution.

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Source: https://www.wlwt.com/article/police-woman-drove-wrong-way-onto-i-71-causing-fiery-crash-that-leaves-man-in-critical-condition/32605236

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