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Rollover Crash in Akron Injures Older Man

A man suffered injuries following a rollover crash in Akron. The traffic occurrence happened on Thursday night, May 20th. A news report revealed that the 63-year-old man drove his car onto railroad tracks.

The man drove a Ford F-150 when he went through an intersection onto the tracks. According to the Akron Police, the truck rolled afterward, ejecting the man and leaving him with severe injuries. Responding EMS took him to Summa Health Akron City Hospital for treatment.

The rollover crash in Akron happened around 10:25 p.m. near 2nd Avenue and River Streets. The police said speed might have contributed to the accident, but it is unknown if impairment played a role. The investigation is ongoing.

Motor vehicle accidents are preventable if vehicle drivers obey the road’s rules and safety tips released by traffic regulating agencies. One of such tips is wearing seatbelts when in transit. This is why the Center for Disease Control advocates for universal seat belt laws and primary enforcement.

According to the center, well-enforced seat belt laws ensure that every person in every seat buckles up on every trip. This way, car occupants will not get ejected onto the roadway when an accident happens. The strap also reduces the impact of a collision on the body.

Seatbelts spread the impact over the stronger parts of the body like the pelvis and chest area. It also prevents the body from colliding with the interior part of the vehicle. Lastly, the strap helps to decelerate the body during a crash.

Irrespective of seatbelt usage, a crash victim is entitled to compensation in Ohio if they do not share more than 50% of the liability. The preceding is in line with the comparative negligence rule. Find out more about this law from our Ohio car accident lawyers.

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