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Rollover Crash in Toledo Leaves Two People Injured

Two people suffered injuries following a rollover crash in Toledo. The accident happened during the early hours of Saturday, June 5th. A news report disclosed that alcohol impairment might have caused the rollover accident.

The report stated that at about 2 a.m., a driver traveling southbound on Douglas Road lost control of the vehicle while speeding. The car flipped and struck a tree in the yard at the intersection of Ozark and Douglas roads, leading to the rollover crash in Toledo. The crash left the passenger stuck in the vehicle.

The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department crews extricated the male passenger from the wrecked car. Medics then transported the driver and the passenger to the hospital for treatment. The report did not disclose the full extent of the victims’ injuries.

A Toledo Police Department sergeant at the scene believed that alcohol played a role in the accident. The crash remains under investigation, and there’s no additional information at this time.

Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Vehicular crashes occur daily, and they can either be a single-vehicle accident or a two or multiple-vehicle collision. When the accident involves only one car and driver, there is no need to establish liability.

In such an instance, the crashed driver can pay for their losses from their auto insurance policy if they have one. If they don’t, they will pay out-of-pocket. If the crash involves two or more drivers, the person liable for the collision will pay compensation to the victim or victims.

Here, victims can file an insurance claim against the fault party to recover compensation. If the insurance claim does not work out, the victim can commence a personal injury lawsuit.

Learn more about the legal options of crash victims from our Ohio auto accident lawyers.

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