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How a Change in Manufacturing Can Lower Truck Accidents

Is it possible to reduce the damage caused during truck accidents and, hopefully, the injuries as well? Trucks, commercial-grade trucks, or Big Rigs all have similar braking systems in which they use ABS and spring brakes, as well as Jake Brakes, and can use their engine to brake as well. Many accidents happen because of truck braking systems which is where a truck accident attorney in Cincinnati. Hopefully, a major change in manufacturing can lower truck accidents.

ABS System Overview

The Anti-lock Braking System, or ABS should help prevent skidding while stopping. Not only do cars use it, but it's used on planes, and commercial-grade vehicles as well. Basically, everything with wheels has ABS brakes. But major changes haven't come to ABS design since the early 1980s. While you can expect that every car on the road made in the last twenty years or so has ABS.

So what do these systems do? The monitor the rate of rotation on each wheel, and instead of forcing each to brake equally, it reduced hydraulic pressure as the car brakes, specifically to wheels that are at risk of locking. Now, brake failure in trucks, specifically ABS failure, often comes with wear.

A few years ago, there were two major accidents involving trucks in Ohio within just a few weeks of each other. The issue in both cases was the braking systems. In one of those cases, the driver ended up driving through a shopping plaza and a busy street before crashing. While that driver didn't strike anyone, it could have been a horrific scene. But brakes don’t outright fail without some form of negligence.

Manufacturer Defects and Basic Maintenance

Big Rigs are constantly on the move, and that means that it's nothing more than a matter of time before someone notices the defect. If brakes are not operating according to expectation, then that repair should have been made immediately. Additionally, if aspects such as the automatic adjuster aren't working correctly, that's something that should be caught during a basic maintenance inspection.

Is a manufacturer to blame? Possibly, defects do occur, and there are some which can escape notice or show no signs before utter failure. However, if the driver had submitted a record of concerns with their company and the company failed to pull the truck or allow the driver to service it, then they may be liable.

Hope for the Future

ABS systems have had jumps since the 1990s, mostly focusing on the implementation of sensors rather than actual changes to the braking systems themselves. However, there are hopes for the future, including a single-piston air disc brake. What does that mean?

It means that there is the opportunity for a more robust brake system rather than one that is likely to lead to skidding and reliance upon the anti-lock system. There are additional goals to implement added sensors and sensors that focus on the use of anti-skid devices with these single disc brakes.

Ultimately, drum brakes should come off of commercial-grade trucks because of the great risk they pose. Drum brakes are known to require extensive maintenance and are lackluster in performance. When compared to the single-disc brakes, which currently make up a small percentage of the commercial trucks on the road, drums are more taxing. But people still choose drum brakes because they believe they are "tried and true."

Comparing the Two Options

Just because something is newer doesn't mean that it's better. But when you compare the two side by side, it's clear that drum brakes come with a few safety risks. For example, with a fully loaded trailer, drum brakes could easily take 70-feet more of stopping distance than a single-disc braking system.

However, truckers prefer the feel of drum brakes because it feels like stopping a car. To a degree, driver comfort should be part of the discussion, but it looks like single-disc brakes are the future.

Is it Too Late for You? Contact an Attorney.

After a crash with a Big Rig, you'll fully understand the extreme nature of these wrecks. Young, Reverman, and Mazzei frequently work with the victims of trucking accidents, helping people recover their financial loss. However, you need a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer that understands the entirety of your circumstances. Your financial loss isn't simply your car, but also your medical bills, lost income, and suffering.

Working with a crash attorney that understands Big Rigs and the laws they must abide by can help you showcase your experience. Contact Young, Reverman, and Mazzei to start resolving your case today.

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